Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting Some "Zip" Back

Not the best Western States this year, but certainly an awesome week. We hung out at my parents' with my sister and her two kids (ages 5 and 3) till Wednesday. It was a lot of cousin chaos, but it was well managed by my family so I could mostly veg, at least the first day or two.

Wednesday we headed to Out and About Treesort in Takilma, OR for two nights in a treehouse. Just call us the Smith Family Robinson!

This is our treehouse, complete with rope swing. The little house in the back is the kid's quarters. On the left there is a fire pole to get down, but I am happy to say my quads were recovered enough that this was not a necessity.

We did some lazy swinging on Wednesday, but we got the adrenaline pumping on Thursday. The whole family did an awesome zip line course through the trees.
Feeling zippy!

Bombs away!
Then we took on the Tarzan swing. A golf cart hoists you up a 60 foot tree and when you let go there is a nice free fall before the rope catches you. I am not afraid of heights at all, but the sensation of falling - well, I screamed like a little girl!

"Tarzan the monkey man, swinging by a rubber band"

Megan proved to be the dare devil of the family. She never grabbed the rope on either of her swings and she jumped in the snow melt pool when all the other kids said it was too cold. I didn't even stick my toe in!
Gratuitous kid shots. Isn't my little monkey boy cute??

Friday Megan and I did a little horseback riding and then we ended the trip with some spelunking and hiking at Oregon Caves National Monument. The kids did more than two miles without complaining. It took us two and a half hours (the cave tour is very slow), but that is a lot more distance than I did in the two and a half hours at ALT!
Oh, yeah, I am looking good in my helmet!

Friday night when we got home my weight was 113 pounds. I am never below 115 (usually more like 117), even when I am trying to eat Spartan before races. I guess my "overweight" problem at ALT has resolved!

I didn't run a step all week, but I think we did "active recovery" pretty well!