Monday, December 23, 2013

Desert Solstice Teaser

It's been a while since I have posted anything. I think the early darkness gives me writer's block! Well, mostly it just makes me want to go to bed early and it is very hard to blog in your sleep!

After running the 8th fastest North American 50 mile at Autumn Leaves, I spent the last 7 weeks trying to get comfortable running 8:45 pace. Basically, I failed! But I got so comfortable running 8:30 pace I was able to do it for 100 miles to break the world track record by 14 minutes and Ann Trason's US track record by 18 minutes. Race report is up now at iRunFar.

This was a great way to cap off my season and I have a lot of confidence going in to 2014. But the race was supposed to "cure" me of the desire to run loops and instead it has only gotten me more fired up. The overall 100 mile world record (13:47) is still a long way off from my 14:11, but I still feel like I have a better 100 mile time in me. With training more specific to 8:16 pace, a more aggressive start (I spent the first 5 hours thinking I was running all 24 hours), better race nutrition and a lighter pair or shoes, I think I can run sub-14. Can I break 13:47? I have no idea! Maybe not, but I want to try.

On the other side of the spectrum, I still really want to finish a 24 hour run. I am so in awe of those athletes. Seeing them pushing on through the night and keep going the next morning is so inspiring. But I keep getting distracted by the 100 mile distance! With four 100 milers scheduled for next year, plus two (I hope) road 100k's if I make the US team, I am not sure it'll be something I get to in 2014, but it is on my bucket list for sure!
Hope you had a "thumbs up" year!