Friday, November 7, 2008

A Big Milestone

I logged 60 miles this week, which I know in the world of ultra running is nothing, but for me it is an all time high. My legs felt a bit achy and inflamed toward the end of the week, but I never really had to slow down. And I don't feel overly tired from the week's effort.

The breakdown:
Sat: 18.5 miles on the Minto "trails" (2:28)
Sun: off
Mon: 6.5 miles w/ 4 miles tempo (7:24 pace)
Tues: 14 miles - the "crack house loop" (so named for a rural home in need of a "few" repairs, along with the beater truck on cinder blocks! other than that it is a very scenic run).
Wed: 9 miles w/ 8 x 4 minutes at 7:10
Thurs: off (I meant to run but I had to work early so couldn't do the AM routine, and then we had dinner with friends after work, which left me too stuffed and tired to run!)
Fri: 12.25 miles (it wasn't supposed to be quite that long, but I wanted to hit the big 6-0!)

The mileage was doable, but it did take a lot of time. I just don't have the schedule to be one of those super high-mileage people so I doubt if I'll ever get much beyond 60 mpw, but I am ok with that. After CIM, I plan to get on a more "ultra" type schedule with one really long run instead of a bunch of medium distance stuff. And at some point I am going to have to find some real trails to run on. But overall I feel like I have somewhat of a plan for going into next year and I am pretty happy with my progress considering I struggled to complete a 10K last January!

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