Friday, December 12, 2008

Putting The Marathon to Bed

I thought I'd be ready to give the marathon a rest once I set a new PR. The plan was to do that in 2008 and then move to Ultra-marathon distances for 2009. Getting the PR at CIM was step one. Now on to the Ultras.

I was thinking that I'd start with Hagg lake 50k in February, but I promised Mac the next time I got a chance to go to Vegas for free (ie. on the company tab), we'd go. Wouldn't you know it - it came up the same weekend? So I am still searching for races, mostly local, for next year. I'd like to do a 50 mile trail race (Pacific Crest 50 mile??) before the year is out.

Just one little snag. After the 3:10:36, I am not quite ready to give up on the marathon. Now I have my sights set on being a sub-3:10 marathoner, a runner who could say my best is three-OH-something or other, with a big emphasis on the 'OH.' So I am not putting the marathon to bed for good, maybe just for a little nap.

CIM 2009??

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