Friday, June 5, 2009

My Strength Emerges

Some people are good on the uphill, some the downs. Some thrive on the technical stuff others have a ton of speed. My strength appears to be the ability to run in circles for long periods of time.

Today I got the "official" Titus Van Rijn One Hour Classic results. My distance of 13,510 meters was good enough not only for first woman, but the new female event record. That gives me a pretty good record in timed events, especially as compared to my other ultras (I'm considering TVR an ultra-track event, even though it isn't even close to being above 26.2).

Timed Events:
2002 Jack Frost 5 Hour: 31.4 miles, first female, 4 miles ahead (two laps) of second place
2009 Pier Park 6 hour: 42+ miles, First overall, course record (the beauty of winning an inaugural event)
2009 Titus Van Rijn 1 hour: 13,510 meters (~8.4 miles), first female, female event record

2008 McKenzie River 50k - started way too conservatively, nasty fall, 5th place
2009 Peterson Ridge - Fell twice, got lost for 6-7 minutes, 2nd place, 26 minutes behind first
2009 Capitol Peak - Got lost, went from second to 4th, dropped from 50 mile to 55k, 4th place
2009 MacDonald Forest 50k - 3rd

I am pretty happy with my ultra results, but I seem to excel in the loop races. Let me know if you hear of any good PNW timed races!

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olga said...

PacRim 24hr. Email dude 1 month before. In the fall:
There is also races in WA.