Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Casualties of the PCT

The toenail casualty count was much higher than expected after the PCT50: 5 toes now sport gruesome empty beds (first two each foot, plus right 4th). I was thinking it was only going to be three. Longer race, bigger price, I guess. I am a bit disappointed because it is the first time I have lost toenails since getting a half size bigger shoe and wearing Drymax socks last December and I was kind of getting used to having ten toenails for once. I am in two weddings in the next month (with open toe shoes) and it is not going to be pretty! The girls' day pedicure appointment with my sister-in-law should be interesting, though.

On the bright side, my chances of losing toenails at Where's Waldo this weekend just went down fifty percent!

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Lori said...

Did you know if you tape your toes as the new ones grow in they will look better? (Supposedly) (Yeah, I'm trying it on the couple nails casualty I have from the PCT) I learned that over at John Vonhof's blog. http://fixingyourfeet.com/blog/