Monday, September 7, 2009

Bouncing Back

I had a really tough time bouncing back from Where's Waldo. In fact, I don't think I bounced at all; more like I landed with a big squishy THUD. I was CRAZY sore - more sore than I think I have ever been. Usually, I say running an ultra leaves me less sore than a marathon. Even the PCT50 was a pretty easy recovery. But not Where's Waldo. I am not sure if it was the extra distance, the big climbs and descents, or the funny downhill shuffle-walk I adopted when I was having so much trouble running. Whatever it was, I hurt...badly.

Then my chest was still tight and I was coughing quite a bit. And I was pretty bummed out about my crappy race and new asthma diagnosis. Plus we headed to Iowa right after WW was over. For some reason I always have a harder time running when I am on vacation than when I am working and have a strict schedule. All this equates to a "Toilet Week" last week, where all the days were just flushed away! I had a lot of walking/time on my feet during that week, but my actual running mileage didn't even cross into the double digits!!
Feeling like Hell at the end of WW
(photo by Richard Bolt)

This week, I feel like I finally turned the corner and my sore, dead legs are finally coming around. I did 76 miles this week, which is a high mileage week for me, especially without a race. The mileage included a slow 17 mile trail run on Monday (3:01), a fast road 18 miles on Saturday in the pouring rain (2:22), and a strong follow-up effort Sunday (13 miles with 2x4 miles @ 6:58 pace (4 min rest), treadmill @ 1% incline - I had had enough rain on Saturday!).

Last Monday, I saw my allergy doc and got some new heavy duty inhalers and I haven't had any issues with breathing all week. Friday, I signed up for Hundred in the Hood (Sept. 26), so I have something concrete to focus on and I think that helps my mental state. And my awesome training partners volunteered to help out for the race and it so great to have their support (especially, because I know they think I am crazy!).

It's been slow, but finally, I feel like I am starting to BOUNCE.

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