Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Aftermath Of One Hundred Miles

Two weeks of sloth and recovery just flew by. And now another has passed, too, making three weeks since I finished Hundred in the Hood

After the race I couldn't sleep at all. I was exhausted but wired at the same time. I painfully tossed and turned all night. As morning broke, I was finally getting sleepy...just as everyone else was getting up to start the day! I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon which threw my circadian rhythm and sleep cycles WAY off for the next few days. It didn't help that my body seemed to be begging for lots of extra unconscious hours either. And with my two favorite germ vectors back in school, I found myself battling a bad cold.

Fortunately, the dreadful muscle burning was noticeably better every day. During the latter stages of the race, my right knee bothered me on the uphills, and my shins, especially my left, throbbed on the downs. Not sure what the shin issue was, but I had two lovely goose eggs the next day!Two purple bumps and bruises on my shins, but they resolved quickly.

Mostly, though, I have recovered pretty well and I am getting back into running some again (I did 35 miles this week with four days of running). Oddly, my left knee has been kind of sore, but that is a minor issue. My big problem is my right foot: it is a mass of riotous and inflamed tendons. It started with a very sore peroneus brevis tendon, but the irritation seems to be contagious and now just about everything in my foot is sore. After a "long" run yesterday (just over 12 miles), it has been killing me. I will have to research rehab possibilities, plus I plan to order some new shoes, but I am fairly discouraged. I don't have anything planned for the rest of 2009, but I would certainly like to maintain good fitness going into 2010.

Ok, off to consult Dr. Google!

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