Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting My Fix

At work we are transitioning from transcriptionists to the voice recognition software Dragonspeak. The transcriptionists are all being "redeployed" to new jobs within the hospital. Or maybe Obama is sending them to Afghanistan.

Anyway, Salem Hospital recently blocked Facebook and Blogger and just about every other interesting website, which has really made my job a lot less fun. So this afternoon I decided to have a little fun with Dragonspeak, using it to type my e-mails and personal letters and such. (Mind you I had signed out all my cases and read two journals, so, No, I wasn't neglecting my doctorly duties...well, at least not too much).

Our Dragonspeak came completely loaded with a medical lexicon so it can "understand" words like "leukoerythroblastosis" and "malakoplakia" and other ridiculously long words that medical personnel use to make themselves feel smart. On the downside, it seems like the computer tries to turn everything into a medical situation. This provided for some amusement, when I spoke about my first 26.2, Washington's Birthday Marathon, but instead got "Washington's birthday marajuana"!

On further reflection, maybe the computer was right after all. Running has certainly become my addiction of choice. It mellows me out, and man, does it give me the munchies! And Washington's Birthday Marathon was the "gateway drug" that lead me to the the ultramarathon path.

Like any junkie, I am willing to go to ridiculous lengths to get my fix. So Friday, I am off to Bandera, Texas to run my second 100K in pursuit of a nice, long runner's high. I am desperately hoping to avoid the "bad trip" of my last 100k (ironically, by actually taking drugs (steroid inhalers) to prevent this).


Olga said...

20F at the start. It'll take me awhile before the fix comes this Saturday:)

Pam said...

I saw that. And 50 degree highs?? I might as well stay in Oregon for that kind of weather! but I did like that there was no rain in the forecast. Your description of 5 pound mud cakes on each shoe didn't sound so great!

See you this weekend, Olga!

SteveQ said...

Best of luck at Bandera! (-7 degrees here right now)

Now I have to look up malakoplakia, which sounds like a Hawaiian chieftain to me.

Olga said...

14F at the start, 45 during a day. It gets colder as the day nears:) Not even funny! I am thinking tights. One negative - more complicated to pee...

Pam said...

Malakoplakia is basically a really bad UTI (perhaps in a Hawaiian cheiftan).

Olga - I usually like cold, but 14 degrees is ridiculous! I am leaning toward tights also. The downside for me is that the tights don't have big pockets like shorts, so I'll probably be sporting a waist pack, too. I am not sure how tights make it harder to pee!