Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Running Palm Springs Style

Mac and I have the good fortune of staying here this week:Don't get any ideas about robbing our house while we are down here basking in the sun of Palm Springs, because the house is not empty...we left the kids!! (My in-laws are there, too). This is a work trip, so all I have to do to earn my room and board is attend a mere eight hours of lecture each day.

But I managed to get some running in, too. Monday, Mac and I went to Indian Canyons for an awesome run. Such a contrast to the pines, ferns, and mud of Oregon -not that I mind those things - but sometimes it is nice to shake things up a bit.

The views were gorgeous and the day was perfect, but the best part was running with Mac. Mac has been working very hard over the last two years to Get Fit Slowly. He has totally transformed himself and is training hard for the Eugene Marathon and even says he's going to do an ultra this year, if he can make it through the new lottery for McKenzie River!

The run was two and a half hours of total awesomeness! (Mac might tell you it was only 2 hrs of total awesomeness; he was kind of hurting at the end, but he was a trooper). We ran through palm groves, crossed streams, ran on sandy river beds and even did some boulder hopping. Plus all the wild flowers were blooming. Mac very kindly watered this one right after I took its picture.

Mac's version of the day here.

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saschasdad said...

Cool day in the desert with your sweetie - sounds like a great day! I look forward to witnessing your sandbagging again at the Santiam Canyon Scramble! You should bring Mac - he would have a blast!