Saturday, April 9, 2011

Total Madness at Mad City 100k

This morning (and early afternoon) I ran in the 100k Road National Championships in Madison, WI. I am psyched to report that I hit my "pie in the sky" goal of sub-8 hours (7:53:17!) and earned a spot on the US National Team going to the World Championships in Holland this September! This was a BIG goal for me for 2011. I am so excited, honored and proud for the opportunity to represent my country and run with such amazing women, both as my teammates and as international competitors. And since the 2012 World Championships are early in the year next year (April - Italy), today's race most likely got me on the team for next year, too - yippee! (which relatives want to babysit??!)

While the idea of running a road ultra isn't most ultra-runner's idea of great fun (I admit I had some reservations, too), I am so inspired by the idea of competing for the USA and having so many people from different countries come together to celebrate running, and specifically ultra-running, that I made this my main running goal for 2011 (Woohoo- I have achieved my Big goal for the year and it is only April. Yeah, I was the nerdy girl who always turned my homework in early, too!). And don't knock road ultras till you try it: the scenery was nice (around Lake Wingra in Madison, WI), you saw a lot more people on the course than a point to point (from lapping people or getting lapped), and they are really frickin' hard! I think I hurt more after this than after Western States. Thank goodness it was over in 8 hours!

Here are my splits.

Congrats to Devon! We ran a couple of laps together, but then she buried me at the end. It was because she threw a gnarly elbow right in my rib cage, knocked the wind out of me and then took off sprinting when I couldn't breathe. OK, not really, but I told her that's the story I was going to tell people and she seemed OK with it, so just go with it. I am! Here's a pretty good pic of us running together, before she elbowed me. ;)(I am 5'5" in case you are wondering if I am a midget after seeing this photo!). Kidding aside, Devon had a great race and I really enjoyed the laps we ran together.
photo: James Mills, Madison Examiner


Olga said...

Congrats, Midget!

annette bednosky said...

Congrats to you Rock Star! I ran a 50 Mile trail race today (100% trail, 80% mud and very different from your experience.... and thought of you and Devon many times!When I finished, I learned you and Devon were on your last loops and I was sooo thrilled for you!!! (and for Devon too!)Howard Nippert texted me about your finish-and I fully applaud you! I think at this point I am in slot #5 for Netherlands and am keeping my fingers crossed I'll be selected and and smart enough not to get injured! Yayyyyyy Pam!
Recover well!

kelly said...

Awesome, Pam! Great job and good luck with your training!

Andrew is getting fit said...

You are such a super inspiration. Well done!

crowther said...

Yay! Terrific!

Devon said...

And pushed you in the bushes too. Yep, thats what happened. :)

It was great to run with you and how did I not know that we both had a "turtle" thing (I have two turtle tattoos). I would have pointed out the awesome turtle crossing sign on the loop. Hope you saw it, can't wait to run together again in the Netherlands!
Congrats on such a great race!

Ronda said...

Awesome Pam! Congratulations on another rock star performance. Excited for you. You are truly a machine on both road and trail!

Charlie McDanger said...

Ho-ly smokes. Great work, Pam.

April said...

By needing a babysitter do you mean needing someone to take your kids on tours while you run? I'm totally in!

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!!!un