Monday, May 16, 2011

40 Days and 40 Nights

Only 40 days till the ultra-running event of Biblical proportions: Western States! Holy Cow - that seems soon!

I had some right calf soreness after Miwok, probably from lack of hill training, but otherwise, I bounced back pretty quickly afterwards. Of course, that may have been because I did almost nothing last week. I know how to enjoy my recovery! I did get about ten hours in out in the garden and I am hoping to have Vegetable Awesomeness this year...if we ever get some warm weather!

Instead of any serious running this weekend, I had a fun filled day at the McDonald Forest 50k. The day started as a volunteer at the Dimple Hill Aid Station, with a Fletch theme.
The cast of Fletch, including me, Dr. Rosenpenis!

Around noon things got even crazier than your typical aid stations as Craig and April tied the knot in the middle of the race, with lots of friends and family there to cheer them on.
The happy couple

One of my other important duties was to prepare the "Consummation Tent." Ok, this was NOT my idea, but I did take the assignment VERY seriously! I think this could be a new trend.

Can you believe they would pass up this palace of romance? And doesn't the zebra pillow look awesome! It got even better after the "bridesmaids" added other edible additions!

The day ended with a very beautiful, traditional ceremony at Tyee winery. Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to set up the consummation tent there!

Anyway, with only 40 days left to go, Recovery is officially OVER! And nothing says, "goodbye lazy days" like a hard session on the track. But we did something a little different, staging Salem's rendition of the Titus van Rijn Invitational One Hour Distance Classic. And by "invitational" I think they mean, anybody who wants to do it.;)

Nine days after Miwok, I can't say I had my "A-game," but I was still pleased to get in 36 laps +100 meters (9+ miles) and come up only 78 meters short of last year's record effort. Fortunately, my training partner Steph was there to take up the slack and she crushed the record, falling just short of lapping me in the final minute! (Whew!) The other member of our loyal Tuesday/Thursday morning trio, Dan, also passed 9 miles, about a 100 meters ahead of me. And we had one other stalwart out for a good training effort.
We celebrated our efforts in "traditional" style with Cherry Crush.

It was a fun couple of days, but with only 40 days left, it is time to get serious! (Does that mean no more consummation tents??).


fitmacdaddy said...

as long as we still have a consummation bed you can keep the tent :)

April said...

Mac there was plenty of left overs! Enjoy! (does that sound gross?)