Thursday, April 5, 2012

Global Warming

This morning it was snowing as I drove to town to meet my faithful pre-dawn companions...and I was pissed. I usually do okay with the PacNW winter and I enjoy the snow once in a while, but it is April 5th and I am SO over it. March was the second wettest on record here and the average temps were ten degrees below normal. In summary, March sucked, particularly for runners at 5 am when the days are their very coldest.

Now there are some obnoxious people who discuss the late season snow and exclaim "Global warming, my ass!" But I am educated enough to know that Global Warming is a bit of a misnomer and that many scientists would prefer to call it Global Climate Change, for not only are the average atmospheric temperatures rising but weather patterns become more extreme, including stronger storms and heavier periods of rainfall.

However, if Global Warming is going to be the downfall of humankind, I'd at least like to get some short term benefits. I do not want the heavy storms but instead would prefer the unseasonable warms of the mid-west. In fact, I want to wear T-shirts a few days each winter, I'd like a longer tomato growing season, I want more than two nice days in March, and by April, I want to fry like bacon!

Anyway, I got home from my run once again chilled to the bone with three layers of wet clothes for the laundry. But the good news is that my kids spent the night at their grandparents, so after a really long hot shower I got to climb back into bed - special reward for getting up to run at 5am even on my day off and for getting the Global Warming shaft.

When I headed back to town there were a few anemic wisps of sun peeking from behind dark clouds, but the day was still freezing and there were dusty white patches on the bushes from the morning's flurries.

Global Warming, my ass!


Sara Montgomery said...

Due to an extremely warm, dry spring this year (climate change!) I am able to bike to work (to help stop climate change!) about a month earlier than normal.

So great to see you on the LS team!

Snarkiest said...

Great blog ppost