Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Week Training Plan

Lots of people like to post their training logs on-line. So in that vein, here are my two weeks following Desert Solstice:

Sunday, Dec. 16- Drove through McDonald's for two hash browns, which I ate during the final hour of Desert Solstice, watching the hard core 24 hour runners. Then I laid in bed watching Crossfit game reruns for the next 12 hours.

Monday, Dec. 17- walked 25 minutes through the rental car lot and airport. Almost got shoved down the back stairs of a plane by a septuagenarian couple annoyed by my slowness.

Tuesday, Dec 18 - I took the stairs up to the second floor at work. It felt like a Herculean accomplishment. I took the elevator back down in the evening, because I could not face the stairs again.

Wednesday, Dec 19- I concentrated on nutrition by drinking two big glasses of eggnog. Have you ever looked at the nutritional info for that stuff? It is like liquid obesity! Mmmm, perfect for calorie replacement.

Thursday, Dec 20- Bike 12 miles. Our 5 am run group likes to play Santa's Helpers around Christmas, delivering goodies to all the good little runner girls and boys in Salem. I wasn't up for the run, but didn't want to miss out on the fun, so I biked along. This was pretty much the worst rain storm we have ever been out in. (We are pretty tough, but if it is totally pouring we bail. But we didn't have a back up delivery plan, so we headed out). Dennis and Steph were two tough little elves, covering 17+ miles, but I bailed early because I was frozen solid and water was sloshing in my shoes. I took a 30 minute hot bath when I got home and then was worthless the rest of the day.

Friday, Dec 21- Rollerskating 2 hours with the kids, while Mac was at the Crossfit Christmas party with another woman. Hmmm, does that sound weird?? At the skating rink, I was checking out the other moms, and I have to say, I may have some talent for gliding around on wheeled shoes!

Sat, Dec 22- I went to a Christmas party WITH my husband. Crazy stuff, I know. I ate way too much, but didn't drink much - didn't want to exacerbate any dehydration!

Sun, Dec 23- More airport walking; feeling pretty spritely on the jetway!

Mon, Dec 24- Christmas Eve with Mac's family, so I drank A LOT. One of the best Christmas Eve's with his family that I can remember. (I think there is only one I don't really remember and that was in my much younger days!)

Tue, Dec 25- Christmas. Worked up a sweat crumpling up all the used wrapping paper.

Wed, Dec 26 - Kicked butt at Ticket To Ride and Qwirkle. You think I am competitive when I run?? You should see me playing games with my family!

Thursday, Dec. 27 - More food, more games!

Fri, Dec 28 - 3 mile hike in the Glendora foothills with the family. This took us about an hour an a half but still nice to get out, especially because it was so nice out. Only Mac and Megan actually summited above Alosta canyon, because Liam had a major meltdown with about 200 yards to go.

Sat, Dec 29 - 16 miles. Two weeks later, I finally got out for a run. But this one was worth waiting for. I joined the So Cal Coyote Running Group on the Ray Miller trail for some great views of the Pacific. My quads felt great, but I was disappointed in how stiff and tight I was in my hips, hamstrings and ankles.

Ok, obviously, this is not a training log. The last two weeks were all about recovery and much needed time off, as promised. I have some tightness, but otherwise things are coming along well and I am ready to jump into the new year. However, I am just stunned by how many competitors from Desert Solstice are back just two weeks later tackling Across the Years. WTH are these people made of?? And more importantly, how the heck do they recover so fast? I am lucky that I haven't had any major injuries (knock on wood!), but I do seem to be slow to recover. I realize sitting on my butt for two weeks is not the optimal recovery strategy, but it was nice to have some down time and to be able to enjoy the holidays without worrying about getting runs in. But if you have any recovery secrets, please share!

Happy New Year!