Monday, May 27, 2013

So Unfair!

Memorial Day weekend: The unofficial kick off for summer and for Western States runners, a prime opportunity for some hard core training, with a good number of runners participating in the Western States training camp. Amongst the training campers are my husband Mac, aka My Crew, and Dennis, aka My Pacer, while I - the actual Western States Runner!! - am stuck here in Salem covering call.

They ran 70 miles of beautiful Western States trail, while I pounded out 46 glorious miles on the treadmill. They ran through the famed canyons, while I did 5x1200@10% incline (and lost three pounds of sweat in nine miles!). They enjoyed California sun; I got Hotel Transylvania with the kids.

The boys ran 52 miles and still looked like this:

I spent time in the playroom doing 100 squats, 100 lunges, 100 sit ups, 40 pushups (because 100 would never happen) and looked like this:

Yeah, so unfair! 

Happy Trails (or treadmills) to all the Western Staters out there. Not being at camp maybe made me even more excited for June 29th.


Olga said...

Just think of it as they have to train much harder to keep up with you!

Pam said...

Olga- that is a great way to think of it! I am glad they had a fun trip, just bummed I missed out on the fun!

MJ said...

WOW! I've only hit 20 on a tmill so far (& my incline work is not as tough as yours). I'm inspired & you've given me new goals - thanks! Looking forward to reading about your WS100 experience.

Pam said...

MJ-46 is my total TM mileage for three days, done in four blocks. I am not sure but I think my one time TM PR is only 18 miles. Though, one rainy day I did 3.5 hours of cardio at the gym by mixing the elliptical, stair master, and rower in with my TM time to stave off boredom as much as one can in the gym!

Anonymous said...

Pam:I've followed your blog all year (love seeing your pics of your kids) and look forward to cheering you on this year @ WS. I'm part of the Peachstone Aid Station crew. We look forward to seeing and serving you!--Ann

Anonymous said...

46 mi on a treadmill?

Good job at Miwok and States!

Really like your choice of hydration (Ultimate Direction) ... please shoot me a note with your contact info ... happy to get you what you need:

Bret said...

I never did see those guys on the trail on the training runs. But the second day I didn't run and they were at the same pub I was at? Hmmm.... :)