Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unbreakable Abs

Liam was playing with Mac's stretchy band when he declared, "This is my karate belt, and I call it Unbreakable!" Then after a brief pause he added, "well, I know Unbreakable is really a running movie about abs, but I call this karate belt 'Unbreakable,' too."

Running movie about abs??? Actually, probably not too far off.

Liam is venturing to the top bunk for the first time tonight. I will be only half sleeping, listening for loud thuds from his room. I hope his head is unbreakable.

As for Run Rabbit Run, I was definitely not unbreakable. The altitude did me in. And while this was not a focus race for me, I certainly was hoping to do better. Or at least feel better. I hope to get a race report up soon.

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