Monday, June 9, 2014

Titus van Rijn - Salem, OR Edition 2014

(Thought I'd post my Titus van Rijn race report here. The event is a self-directed one hour track time trial and like all timed races the goal is to see how far you can get. This is my 5th year since 2009 and I've improved my score every year except for 2011, when I ran nine days after Miwok. I don't ever taper or rest for this, but just incorporate into my training. Over the years, the event has been a nice little test of fitness and a great workout all wrapped into one. Unfortunately, I didn't do it last year, so I can't compare this year to last, which would have been kind of fun. Anyway, here is my report and the results from the Salem contingent. For a bunch of old folks (excluding Josh and James) running around a track at 5 am on Monday morning, I think we did pretty good! There are five days left to compete for anyone who is interested!)

Salem, OR sits smack between two of the most venerable Track and Field sites in the US, with “Track Town USA” Eugene, and the hallowed Hayward Field, about 50 miles to the south and Portland, with its fabled Nike campus and the Project Oregon team, about 50 miles to the north. Salem has almost no track claim to fame, with the exception of Nick Symmonds, a Willamette University graduate. But there are a few dedicated runners who are doing their best to bring track glory to Salem, at least in the small and obscure world of the Titus van Rijn One Hour Distance Classic.

Last year Salem did not participate because our group could not find a mutually agreeable date. Things hadn’t changed much in a year: two people were gearing toward a marathon, another wanted to fit it around a 50k; there were a few vacations and other life events. Basically there was no good week that suited everyone. It was decided that interested runners could turn our usual Monday morning track session into their 1 hour time trial, so Salem’s event actually took place over three different weeks. At the conclusion of the final day, black cherry soda was awarded to all. We also upped the ante by providing “incentive beverages” (ie. beer) for those exceeding the 9.5 and 10 mile marks. I had a personal TVR best, but I missed my free beer by 21 meters. I maintain that if the incentive had been free cheesecake, I would have made it. ;) Maybe next year! -Pam

Salem, OR - South Salem High School Track, May 5 - June 2
Dan Meireis, 56 - 15450m
Brian Villarette, 39 - 13599m
Pam Smith (F), 39 - 15279m
Don Gallogly, 46 - 16675m
Josh Zielinski, 31- 16481m
Mike Tyler, 47 - 16000
Angie Smith (F), 41 - 13975m
James Dunning, 32 - 13300m

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