Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ultra-runner Feet

Earlier this month, my friend invited me to get a pedicure with her. I hemmed and hawed for quite a bit. The idea of a pedicure sounded great, but I really didn't want somebody closely inspecting my toenails, for the fact is, I don't even have a full set. Yes, I am a chronic toenail loser. This is to be distinguished from the acute toenail loser, who has toenails floating in their socks by the end of the race. For me, my toenails feel a little swollen at the end of the race and then a couple months later, they fall off. This year, I am wearing a half-size bigger shoes, thinner moisture wicking socks, and a lot more body glide to curtail the problem (I think with some success), but my toenails still bear their brutal badge from last year's CIM. In fact, one had just completely dislodged, leaving me with an empty nail bed (ugly, but not painful).

And so I told my friend I didn't think I'd be able to join her for the spa-pedi. But she didn't let me off so easy: "I am sure they see lots of ugly feet. And I am sure it is better than foot fungus." And so I agreed to go.

The pedicurist had a few baffled looks at my feet and then finally asked me what I wanted him to do with the empty nailbed. "Just paint it. Do whatever you can, but don't worry about it."

The pedicure was a nice luxury and by the end, my feet no longer looked like ultra-runner feet!

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