Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Getting Brighter

Perhaps it is worth mentioning that I had to have a semi-urgent epinephrine injection Monday to keep my airway from constricting. The good news is that the attack wasn't caused by running. Epinephrine will make you feel like you are on crack for a couple of hours (not that I would know), and I was jittery, shaking and wound up so tight (like that is anything new!). I was told not to work out for at least three hours, but all I wanted to do was go move! Besides, I couldn't see how a specialty allergy and asthma doctor could know more than me, a lab doctor who rarely sees patients and who has never treated asthma, so I drove straight to the gym to lift and ride the bike (see what a good patient I am for not running).

They warned me that I would feel like crap when the Epi wore off. Turns out they might kind of know what they are talking about: I felt like crap when the Epi wore off! It was like the worst case of caffeine withdrawal ever: pounding headache, mild nausea, and overly tired. I think that really put me in a downer state of mind for Monday's post, but I had definitely been suffering from some fatigue before that. I guess it got to me a bit that this kind of training is hard. I thought if I made the time and the mental commitment, everything else would fall into place. But it is really physically demanding, too. (Duh!) Not just doing the runs, but as I said yesterday, how drained I feel after the runs are over.

Anyway, I don't think negativity has to be such a bad thing, if it can help you to make changes things for the better. So I am moving forward and especially working on my diet. My nutrition has not been good since bumping up the miles. The sugar cravings are mostly gone but the extra 4-5 pounds are not. I checked out a nutrition book for runners and am about half way through. I started tracking all my calories since Saturday and the results are already illuminating. I think I have been using my running to eat, as in "Oh, I am running so much, this humongous slice of cake won't hurt." whereas before I wouldn't have eaten so much junk food. And did you know that microwave popcorn is pure EVIL in a bag? I do now! I also scheduled a meeting with Mac's trainer to get my body fat measured and to make a nutrition plan. Since he and my husband are now BFF's and because the trainer thinks I am a freak for running so much, he agreed to do it for $25 instead of $55.

I am also cutting my speed work back for a couple of weeks, as I think those are what leave me the most drained. I would really like to prove to myself that I can do a few high mileage weeks before adding them back in. Besides, my goal at WS is to average 13 minute miles (22 hours) so how speedy do I need to be?? ;)

It is good for me to remember that not every day has to be perfect. Some days it is good enough to just breath clearly. And maybe get in a dance session with the kids.


SteveQ said...

A really dumb thought that's occurred to me more than once: if your airway restricts and you're afraid you're going to die, wouldn't that cause your body to pump out adrenaline and cause self-correction?

Love the video. Your daughter looks like a smaller version of you!

Olga said...

Bummer on the meds need! May this is what makes you tired, not so much speed/miles combo? Oh, and the demanding job? Anyhow, you got a couple of months to suck it up for, keep thinking it, and it'll get by sooner. It'll pay, though. Take a break - and get back to sharpening. Including hills workouts yet? Downhills? Remember, everyone fears shot quads at Western. Run downhills, do squats. Get big bulky ugly legs:)