Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Family That Runs Together

This was a very unusual weekend in our household as I was the only person who didn't run in an organized event.

Saturday the kids had their second running in the Awesome 3000. The pre-schoolers only run 300 meters, but last year it was one big cry fest for my two. This year was a totally different story. Megan couldn't wait to run and told me in no uncertain terms that she was not tired at the end and that she'll be ready for the full mile next year. I ran with Liam. He got tired about 150 m in but never really stopped running. (Last year he was in tears the whole way but kept running, too. He's miserable, he's tired, but he never stops - I have him pegged as a future ultra-runner!).
I was totally amused by the parents. I am well aware that I have that "Eye of the Tiger" mentality when I race (to put it euphemistically), but that is so NOT me with my kids. But there were plenty of other parents pushing to be at the front when the gun went off. And when we were checking in one mom was giving coaching advice to her son about running on the inside lane and how to pass people! For a while we were pretty sure Megan was destined to be a "math-lete" because she was SO un-coordinated, so it is mostly just great to see her enjoying sports. Both of my kids had solid "middle of the pack" performances and I couldn't be more proud!
Five year olds take on the mile.
The most Awesome part of the Awesome 3000 is the level of participation. There were over 600 kids registered to run in the pre-school divisions and more than twice that in the grade school divisions. None of the runs are timed and everyone gets a medal. It is a great event that gets kids to have fun with running.

This weekend was also THE BIG WEEKEND for Mac, as he tackled his first marathon down in Eugene. Mac is normally a very laid back guy. We joke that when it comes to being a Type A or Type B personality, I am an A+ and Mac is a C. But, OMG he became an uptight psychotic nut-job Saturday night. It was really quite cute to watch, and it made me think he is not so laid back after all.

Starting around 3pm he started pacing around the house. He printed a pace arm-band, then laminated with packing tape, only to decide he wasn't going to wear it. He laid out his clothes, then took out two more shirts, went through a pro's and con's list for each top before finally decided on the one he had originally chosen. He pinned his number on his shorts then jogged around the bedroom in them. Later that night he was walking around the house in his race top and vest.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"I am testing my race clothes," he explained.

"You ran a 20 miler in them three weeks ago. What do you need to test?" I asked back.

"Just leave me alone," he responded and sulked back to the bedroom, where I later found him trying to decide what flavor Shot-bloks to take. He went to bed early, but not in our bed because he needed a whole bed to himself the night before a marathon.

Yes, I am making fun of him a bit, but only because I have been there so many times myself! I tried on four sports bras (the same old ones I always wore, mind you) the night before my first ultra and stood in front of the cabin mirror swinging my arms in a running motion to decide which one would be perfect. Nothing like a big race to make you start obsessing like a mad man (or woman)!

But the obsessing paid off! Mac had a "public" goal of breaking 4 hours, but also like me, he is a sand-bagger and really had a "private" goal that he wanted to achieve of 3:48, the time on which his training plan was based.

The Eugene Marathon live tracking web-site was a sucktacular disappointment as it crashed soon after the first half of the pack went through 10k, so I had no idea if Mac was rocking it or bonking hard until he called to tell me the good news - 3:46! I am super proud of him.
I love to race, but it was really great to be on the side-lines cheering on the rest of my family and watching them succeed in their running pursuits.


Chris said...

Great job, Mac! You'd better watch it, seems to me he'll be nipping at your heels any day now. :)

Charlie McDanger said...

Nice work, Mac! You're so skinny I was going to make fun of you...but then realized you could be my stunt double.

ShutUpandRun said...

I read Mac's report too, but it was fun to get your perspective. He had such a great day!