Monday, May 17, 2010

Trying To Get Hip

For Valentine's day, Mac got me two sports massages at a local place. After the first one, I thought it was great. Nothing like getting naked and having a stranger touch you! ;) The sports massage was very different than the Go-On-Vacation-And-Get-A Relaxing Massage; she was there to get work done and some of the stuff even hurt a bit. But it seemed to do a great job of working out the kinks and so I have been going 1-2 times a month for the last three months.

Last Monday when I mentioned my hips were A LITTLE tight after Mac Forest, she did an assessment and said my hips were out of alignment and really tight and that I should have some ileo-psoas work. So the massage was mostly poking, prodding and general torture in the region of my hip flexors.

I biked 33 miles Tuesday, (~1:30) and was fine. But then on an easy 10 miler Wednesday, my hips were sore and the right was downright painful. I only did 39 running miles last week (recovery week), but my hip flexors don't feel recovered at all.

What's the deal? Was this too much poking and prodding, a typical reaction, coincidence, or me just freaking out because it is less than six weeks from WS? I can run fine, and I don't really have pain when running, but my hip flexors just feel off and they ache when I am not running. I hate to give up the training time, but I may have to take a couple of days off just to be on the safe side. Any thoughts??


Charlie McDanger said...

Pain is inevitable; misery is optional. That's what my motivational calendar says.

I know from many a Vegas massage that a bad one can do more harm than a good one does benefit.

Sue sue sue!

Pam said...

Charlie- this wasn't a "Vegas massage" so at least I don't have to worry about the harm of STDs. ;)

Anonymous said...

I swear by my Chiropractor & hip stretches...cures any glitches along the way. Your going to do great at WS!!

Charlie McDanger said...

The Siamese tranny duo? Who told you...

saschasdad said...

This is a very typical pre-WS niggle. It's not really a niggle, but you're a bit sore after Mac 50 km (seriously, who isn't?), so every little soreness is magnified in your mind by at least 10.

Don't worry. You'll be fine!