Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Countdown Begins!

TEN: Heat

The final count down begins!! My mileage is in half this week and already I feel fat, slow and lazy. I think that means the taper is going well.

My big push is for sauna time right now. I have said to a few people about my ultra-running that I am not great at anything but I don't suck at anything either. Well, I am starting to doubt that statement. I might suck in the heat.

I really melted down in the Grand Canyon when the temps soared. At the time it was a positive experience because I was able to turn it around and snap out of it. But now I am finding I really hate the sauna, too. I sweat like a pig and feel so mentally out of it. I can barely focus on a People magazine while I am in there, and that is a far cry from rocket science! Hopefelly, these suffer-fests are affecting some miraculous adaptations so I don't even notice the heat at WS.

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Olga said...

It's going to be a cool year. See ya in 10!