Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two: Reflect

With only two days to go, the on-line hype for Western States is reaching it's crescendo, with on-line polls, WS odds, and even a Western States fantasy league!

The hype is fun, but I also think it is good to step away from all that and remember the big picture.

In running, I have been so excited with my progress this year and the journey has been great. I had some low moments when maybe I went a little too hard, but mostly I am just so amazed at what the body and the mind can adapt to. For me both are stronger than ever. I hope to do well at WS, but a single day cannot erase a good season or the 1,473 miles I ran in the last 22 weeks to get here. Western States is just the party to celebrate what has already been accomplished this year.

Of course, I am hoping it is a really good party!


SteveQ said...

Just so you know: I didn't vote on the poll, so two other people picked you to finish 4th.

Yeah. Ignore the hype and enjoy.

If you pass Tony Kocanda on the course, tell him I said hi.

Charlie McD said...

Good luck, Pam! I won't make it out for the race, but there's debauchery and hospitality aplenty whenever you care to hit Nevada.

Clear mind, calm spirit...

fitmacdaddy said...

you sure you don't want to be an ultrarunner charlie? That's sage advice!