Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Me vs. The iPhone

Today I was using my iPhone in the sauna, but it overheated and was no longer functional. I, however, remained functional for another 15 minutes (well, at least functional enough to read People magazine).

Under normal circumstances, though, the iPhone almost never crashes. Not so for me. I crashed into the box doing box jumps today and banged up my shin. (Yeah, the skin is gone. Also note remnants of previous crashes on my knee).
The good news is that I did 23 successful box jumps (24") before the crash and another 36 after the crash. The iPhone did none.


fitmacdaddy said...

no wonder your shit doesn't work! You take it in the sauna?

Craig Smith said...

We are already having 80+ F days in Indiana. Recommend googling 'high rep box jumps achilles tear'. Common crossfit injury that takes a long time to heal.

Pam said...

Craig - 80 degrees sounds glorious right now. And thanks for the warning on the box jumps. I have heard of that, that is why I always step down instead of jump down. I don't exactly play by the crossfit rules. ;)