Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Elite" Training

It’s been a rough week for running in the Smith household. I think we logged the lowest cumulative mileage in a couple of years. Mac’s toe is healing, but it's still bothering him too much to run (because he is a wimp) and I ended up with a monster cold and I only got out on Saturday for run on Mary’s Peak (because I am a wimp, too). I did manage to keep up with Dennis for a 2:33 loop, but I felt terrible on the way down and took a nice crash in some rocks and bruised up my wrist and hip. Combined total for the last 7 days – 14 pathetic miles! We are both supposed to be running the Condor 25k on Saturday. Mac is pretty sure he isn’t running. I am either in for a rough day or I will be the most tapered that I have ever been for a 15 mile run!
This is a terrible photo, but that purple grey square covering the lower left of my
palm is some nice post wipeout bruising.
 Mac reports laundry demands are WAY down. This is good for him, but a pity that we have not
gotten to test out our deluxe new laundry sorting system. Mac says he needs to sort the laundry in the laundry room; I say: no piles of dirty clothes on the floor. But we are looking to find marital bliss in a new ten dollar dorm room grade laundry hamper. Yep, living the life of luxury!
Our New Laundry System: much cheaper than marital counseling
 So tonight we sought solace in frozen yogurt. We’ve done a pretty good job avoiding the Limeberry store and their dairy cocaine this summer, but we lost our resolve tonight. If we are going to be out of shape, we might as well get fat, too. It is the American way.
Frozen Yogurt is basically health food, right?


Devon said...

I can definitely sympathize! I crashed majorly three weeks ago and have been off running since with an injury. Nathan fell a week after I did and has a bum foot too. Glad you found solace in frozen yogurt. Ice cream does help!

Anonymous said...

HA! Love the yogurt bowl pix!