Friday, January 18, 2013


I had two beers New Year's Day watching football and then decided: That's it! Time to clean up my diet. I am real lightweight, so the beer may have had some input, but I must have meant it because I put it down in writing (goal #6 no less!). So I decided no sugar and no flour for all of January - kind of a watered down version of paleo or whole 30. Well, the my hubby weighed in over 170 for the first time in a long while and after hearing a friend's story he got a bug up his "Mac Ass" to do Dr. Oz's cleanse diet. 

After reading a bit, it was hard for me to fathom how the hell I hadn't dropped dead yet since I had never "cleansed" in my 38 years. God forbid, I let "80,000 toxins" continue to wreak havoc on my body, plus there was all the added benefits of "resetting" my organs to function properly, jump starting my metabolism, increasing my energy, replenishing my nutrients, balancing my hormones, and relieving stress, and cause you to lose lots of weight. Wow - can you believe you can do all that with just three days of juice! Yeah, that's sarcasm for those of you who don't know me too well.

So, yeah, I was a bit cynical (when am I not?) about the claims, but I couldn't see how eating, er, drinking a bunch of fruits and vegetables could be bad, so what the heck? Fire up the blender! It's only three days, right?

We decided on Tuesday-Thursday because Mac thought it'd be too hard to do on the weekend with other activities, but with my Thursdays off, I only had to do two days at work. Plus, it only hit one hard run day.

Tuesday breakfast started ok. The smoothie tastes pretty good, but after chugging it down, I was kind of longing for something else. Uh oh - this could be a long three days.

But it turned out not to be the case. I never got super hungry and my energy levels were good throughout. I did 31 miles those three days without any problems.

The dinner shake and snack (repeat of breakfast) were also good. The lunch shake was a different story. The taste was actually pretty good. With green apple and pineapple, it had a sweet-tart taste. Unfortunately, it had the exact look and texture of pond slime - the think hairy green kind in the most stagnant pools. It wasn't really chewable and yet the texture was too thick to easily drink - kind of like a slurpee, but not in a good way. But Mac and Liam brought the shake to me at work both days, so at least I had good company while swishing slime.
Slime tastes better with cute company

Excepting the texture of the lunch shake, I had no problem completing this. I did add in an extra tablespoon of almond butter on day 2 and 3. While I wasn't hungry, the desire to chew something was overwhelming! It is amazing that I didn't knock Liam out and steal those Frosted Mini-Wheats just for some crunch! I am not sure if my organs are reset and my hormones rebalanced, but I do feel good. I only lost two pounds but Mac dropped 7. He obviously was a lot more toxic than me. ;)

I did come away with a desire to eat a plant based diet incorporating more variety of fruits and veggies. So that was a plus. But I was so happy to be able to eat real food again. So happy that I immediately made soup to eat for Friday. Um, maybe not the best planning. 
Friday morning, free to eat whatever I wanted. So I had another smoothie. And then soup for lunch. Good job on adding texture back to the diet!
I am still dedicated to limiting refined carbs, but I have no desire to be perfect. Like tonight when I made cupcakes for Megan's birthday party tomorrow, I licked the beaters. And the spoon. And then I dipped the spoon back in the batter and licked it again. And of course, I had to sample a cupcake when they were done. Oh my god - can you imagine my toxicity levels after that?? So I got on the treadmill and ran an extra 2.5 miles to sweat it off -ha!
This is not the actual cupcake I ate. It's what Liam left me on my iPhone after having some fun with the Cupcake Maker app. He also left me these:

Bon Appetit!
(funny aside: spell check wants to change the above to "ape tit". Happy Ape Tit to you!)


SteveQ said...

It's the end of the world... a real doctor listened to Dr. Oz. He's become ever more sensationalistic in order to stay on television.

fitmacdaddy said...

Steve, no one ever accuses Pam of being a real Doctor! But yes, we did follow Dr. Oz for 3 whole days--not because we believe in him, but because it was a great way for us to get a little bit of discipline back into our eating habits. It worked great! I'm motivated and excited to eat healthy foods again!

Unknown said...

I love doing cleanses! I always feel so good afterwards. I long ago stopped following any book. I just do it because it feels good. Usually every spring, sometimes in the fall too. I plan for 3 days and sometimes do 5 if their is left over produce still. I drink 5 smoothies a day but I put each in a large water bottle. When they are green and like pond sludge I just keep topping off the bottle until its thin enough to chug down.

April said...

Um that was me April. Not sure why it says unknown.

Rob said...

Any diet improvement for any amount of time is great. I laughed when you put ran 2.5 miles after having cupcake batter and a baked one. Last week I wanted almond M&M's really bad so ran the 3 mile round trip to the store and back to justify it!

Sheila said...

Pam- I am glad you posted this blog. I was just trying to convince Ed to try this so now we have confirmation that it is not that bad. Did you just drink water or did you also drink any decaf tea other than the morning detox tea?

Pam said...

Sheila- I just did the morning tea and water. I took my tea straight because that is how I prefer it and I didn't think one teaspoon of stevia was going to make a difference. Put the extra lemon juice in a smoothie.

Several people told me to water down the lunch shake to make it better. That might work, but it is 2 full pints as is. I have also heard just reduce the quantity of kale/celery.

One big drawback was the cost. Maybe if we had shopped around/had better farmer's markets, we could have gotten better prices. But I had almost all the berries(frozen from our garden) and already had a huge tub of spinach, but still what we purchased was closer to $20/day/person. Maybe not terrible for three days, but not what I'd want to spend normally.

Jeffrey said...

I am glad my child is not the only one that leaves me pictures like yours