Thursday, January 17, 2013

Mac Ass

I keep joking Mac Ass is not something I call my husband when I am mad, but rather it is short for the McMinville Fat Ass. However, it does have a nice ring to it and I may have to adopt that little nickname in the future!

But for me, this was a Fat Ass in the true sense of the word - a great early season day on the trail with lots of good friends and no pressure. Heck, I didn't even bother to finish the whole thing!

Mac was planning to only do 15 miles, while I was going to do the 50k, but when he figured out the loop was long, he cut a bit, so I caught up to him and ran the last two miles in with him because at that point it was more like Mac (Feels Like) Ass, so I knew he could use the company and it is always nice to get an opportunity to run with him. By the time we jogged it in, plus stopped to talk to Gaby and Michael Libowitz from Long Run Picture Company, I was way behind the main pack of 50k'ers and the hot food and blazing fires were so inviting. Not having much of a real training agenda right now, 18 miles and three hours of running seemed like a fine place to stop.

I always look terrible in race photos - my face muscles go slack when I run so I always look like a zombie.  Same reason I don't do well sleeping upright - my jaw goes limp and I end up snoozing with a gaping maw like a bear cave - not pretty! Now I see the secret to great race photos: Stop and smile! Thanks Michael for one of the few good photos on me on the trail!
I was surprised by the great trail system in McMinville and would love to get out there again. But the biggest surprise was the restorative nature of the trail run. Saturday afternoon, I told Mac my legs felt better than they had in a month. And by Monday my abysmal track times from  week ago were history. So with that, I guess I am fully recovered. Now time to start training for real so I can shred up my legs all over again!

This was a great way to stick to the New Year's plan to race less - all the fun of a big event, with none of the fatigue. Thanks to the organizers for getting this together and even bigger kudos for getting a sunny day in Oregon to do this.

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