Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bandera Overview

Karl Meltzer and iRunFar already did a run down of the field. Karl even did a pretty good job with the ladies this time around, so I'll just preview the weather and the course.

The forecast is for partly sunny skies with a low of 35 and a high of 65 - perfect running weather!

As for the course, well, it is kind of like this:
Only in Bandera all that rubble is covered in cactus! Yeehaw!


Pam said...

Aargh- stupid prescheduled blog post! This was supposed to go up BEFORE the race, obviously. I'd delete it but I really do think the picture does a good job capturing the essence of the course! ;)

Tim said...

lol. you really captured the essence of Bandera there. It was good to meet you Friday (I was standing around Liza). Congrats on your run Pam!