Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Ahead: Plans for 2012

When I was 12, I started telling my parents I'd be going to college on the East Coast. By 14, I was already planning to go to medical school. I don't do a lot of last minute decision making! So, it should come as no surprise that I already have a good idea about my racing plans for 2012! Hey, I warned you yesterday that I was anal retentive!

Plans for 2012:
January: I am headed back to Bandera. I must really have a fondness for those rocks, as I keep going back!

Feb: Orcas Island 50k (Feb 4) and Hagg Lake (Feb. 18). I told myself I'd do fewer 50k's in 2012...so I signed up for two in February - haha! February is actually supposed to be my "down" month since I didn't take any time off this fall/winter. I'll definitely be doing Orcas as a "fun run". If it continues to be a dry year, I may have to get serious at Hagg as I'd like to see how close I can get to Joelle Vaught's CR. 

March: I am toying with the idea of doing a marathon, but I am kind of hesitant with worlds in April. It doesn't hep that Napa is already sold out, so likely I'll just be doing lots of hard road running.

April: 100k World Championships in Seregno, Italy. The team isn't announced until January 22, but my Mad City time should keep me on the team for another year.

May: Time to switch it up and get some trail miles in for Western States! I am hoping to go on another running adventure like the R2R2R and Zion trips we did the last two years. I did sign up for the McDonald Forest 50k in memory of Dave Bateham, who passed away last month. I expect to see his smiling face on the label of my post-race beer!

June: Western States!! People are already predicting that we'll be going back to the slower "regular" course. That means I just have to work harder to get my sub-20 finish!

July: I was originally thinking I'd do the PCT50 to scoop up Oregon Trail Series Points, but I just found out Pine to Palm 100 miler got added to the series. With so many points available in a hundred miler, you really can't be competitive in the series unless you do it. If I am feeling good after WS, I may head to White River instead, as my first time there was a not so stellar day for me.

August: This is my year for redemption at Waldo! Aside from my DNF at Angeles Crest, Waldo 2009 was my worst race ever! Heck, it'll be an improvement just to finish in the top half of the field!

September: This is the really hard month for me to decide on. Why are there so many great races in September?? MacKenzie River, UROC, Flagline, Tahoe Triple Marathon, the new Run Rabbit Run hundred miler, Pine to Palm...so hard to choose, but I think I am probably leaning toward UROC. I love the 100k distance and I enjoy having a lot of good runners to compete against.

Oct/Nov: I do want to do another 100 miler this year. I definitely need the practice as I still have some things to figure out once things get past 100k. Pinhoti tops my list, only because my sister lives in Alabama and it'd be great to tie in a race with a visit to see her (and I may need more than one reason to go to Alabama!). Javelina is also on my radar.

December: Down time! No matter what the outcome of this year's race, I don't think I'll be headed back to Bandera next year. That'll allow me to take it pretty easy next December and get fat over the holidays without feeling guilty!

Ok, time to start planning for 2013! ;)

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