Sunday, January 8, 2012

Texas Fun

Just got home from the 100km National Championships in Bandera, TX. Good thing because I wouldn't want to overdose on sunny, near 70 degree days in January. I think my body might go into some sort of Vitamin D toxic state, so good thing I am back to 39 degrees and heavy wet fog!

I got of to a bad start yesterday in the race, but through perseverance (and attrition) I nabbed the last podium spot. More details to follow, but I seriously need some sleep right now as I was up all last night reading Ultrarunner magazines fully clothed in an empty bathtub waiting for the caffeinated gels to wear off (they didn't).

G'night y'all!

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Chris said...

Hey Pam. Congrats on a great effort. It was great meeting you and I am very proud of how you and Liza both persevered despite not having the best of days. Look forward to the full report.