Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Blog Angel Answers My Prayers - Sort Of

Monday I went running in my Moeben sleeves. That's right, I said Moeben, as in honest-to-God name brand technology (with a trademarked logo!).

You see, after my post last week, a munificent reader felt sorry for me and my pathetic sock-sleeves and sent me this overly kind e-mail:

Hi, Pam

Read your funny and useful blog post. I have 2 extra pairs of Moeben sleeves (plus six others) and I'd like you to have either one, I really do. One is a plain navy-blue, and one is white with HR100 logo. neither have been worn. It looks like white is a small size (what you might prefer) and blue is medium. Your pick. Shoot me your address - I can not possibly wear all of them in my life, and you deserve to look fast and furious, because you are!

Based on the final line, I could tell my blog angel had to be extremely hypoglycemic and not thinking straight, but I wasn't about to argue with an offer for free sleeves! This weekend my glorious nylon arm-tubes arrived.

Monday we had a beautiful sunny day here in Salem, but with a crisp chill in the air. It was pretty standard long-sleeve shirt running weather, but why would I wear a long sleeved shirt when I could sport my new ultra-cool accessories instead?? So I set off in a cute pink short-sleeved and the Moeben's for an easy 5 miler.

I wanted to love my new sleeves, but the thing is, I didn't. Mostly, I don't think the size was right rather than there being a fault with the product. The sleeves are a size small (what I would consider myself), but they seemed way too big. As I ran they would slink downward and bunch right above my elbow. Not only was it awkward but it tragically left my upper arm exposed to the cold, wind and mutilating winter UV-rays! Moeben does make extra-smalls, which would likely be a better fit for my extra-puny arms. But now I am back to wondering if it is really worth thirty-two dollars to find out...

I made my sock sleeves (the Benmo'es) last winter in all seriousness, but I knew they were crappy and lame at the time - that was the point. They were an invention of necessity for racing on a frigid day: how does one stay warm up to the start but shed the extra layers without worry when the gun goes off? By wearing worthless and ratty clothing that one can toss without thought onto the side of the road. That was the intended fate for the Benmo'es, but at the last minute, I decided it was TOO cold and I changed into a long-sleeve to wear the whole race. And so the Benmo'es survived.

Because they were small, I carried them in my pack as back up on a couple of cold spring runs and then I discovered they could be useful in conjunction with my work clothes. But my Benmoes didn't get any real face time, er um, arm time until this fall. I took them with me after twilight at Hundred in the Hood, but only wore them for a few miles because I was too hot. And then they had their real coming out on Halloween. But even that was more of a joke than seriousness.

But for joke or for serious, I am not alone. My running partner confessed to racing a half-marathon with sock sleeves, and I was passed at MacDonald Forest 50k by a chick wearing socks on her arms! So I am not the only one who has thought up the idea of home-made sleeves. The Moebens win the fashion prize hands down (arms down??), but in terms of functionality, the reality is the sock-sleeves and the Moebens are pretty much the same (in my experience; though, the sock sleeves would not be good for a hot day). And the sock sleeves are as budget friendly as you can get. And I still can't understand why it is such a big deal to take a long-sleeved shirt on and off.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving. May you be thankful for the things you have. Even a crappy pair of socks on your arms is better than nothing (on second thought, maybe not, but you get the idea.)

(A BIG THANK YOU to my "blog angel." I am grateful for your generosity. I think the Moeben sleeves will be perfect after a few thousand bicep curls.)

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Matt said...

Ha! I love it. My Moeben sleeves fall down my arms too. I attribute it to my puny arm muscles, and the fact that I got them in the goody bag from my only ultra DNF. :-)

I'll try the sock thing. Sounds more my style anyway.