Friday, April 13, 2012

World Championships

The 100km World Championships are just around the corner (April 22) and I am officially in taper mode!
At this point all I can do is relax and hope I am ready.

But if things don't work out, I have a back-up plan to compete for my country again on the world stage, thanks to this e-mail (actually sent to Mac):

As a fitness blogger, you may have heard of the increasingly popular movement of indoor trampoline parks popping up around the country offering active individuals a new way to workout.  San Francisco based indoor trampoline facility House of Air (HOA) is no exception - nestled in the historic Presidio, House of Air continues to rise in popularity offering air conditioning fitness classes, aerial training, and the highly coveted trampoline dodgeball league.  

And it is the quirky, off the wall dodgeball league that has inspired House of Air to create and host the first ever World Trampoline Dodgeball Championships.  HOA is inviting the best and the brightest dodgeball stars from around the country to show what they're made of over a series of three days which will ultimately result in giving the world it's very first trampoline dodgeball champion.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
We all know ultra-running has came a long way in terms of competitiveness since its early days. I am thinking if I can get in on the ground floor of the trampoline dodgeball movement, I could be one of the pioneers, revered by the masses after the sport explodes. You know, kind of like the Gordy Ansleigh of Dodge ball. :)

Ciao for now. Time to start packing for Italy!!

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