Monday, February 17, 2014

Training Commences

I had a nice little break after Rocky Raccoon, but now it is time to get serious!! and I've got plenty of work to do. So it was back to Monday morning track work. My mile time is about 20 seconds off "normal"( 6:11 but we did run in crazy rain and wind). But the most disheartening thing was my strength - I struggled through 20 squats with the kiddos. Last year I could rip off 50, no problem! I am blaming it on my kids getting heavier!

But I have some serious motivators to get me where I need to be:

He yelled that at me while I was flopping on the ground trying to do push-ups (I made him repeat for the video) Worthless life?? Where does he come up with this stuff? Megan likes to remind me that I can't keep up with her. 

Meanwhile Megan is all set to attempt her second ultra. If you really want to do an ultra but you are afraid you aren't in shape or can't make the cut-offs, sign up for a 24 hour race. You have an entire day to get the mileage you want, which gives you plenty of time to walk whatever you need. And since most of these races are on short loops, the aid station is never far away!

Megan did 27 miles last year, but she says she wants the full 50k this year. So she started her training today, too.
She started a notebook! (Yeah, I might have one that looks just like this.)

She did the strength training with me and after dinner I found her running a mile on the treadmill. "42 R7" she says to me when I walk in. 

"What?!?" I ask her.

"It's 385 divided by 9. Liam's asking me math problems while I run." 

Ok, maybe we aren't that alike - I can't even add simple numbers like mileage between aid stations when I run! Being nerdier than me is definitely not a good thing! But it should serve her well to get to 50k.

Ok, so who else is back to training full force and what are you training for? And more importantly, do you have a notebook? Happy training. 


LukeD said...

I had my 7-year-old daughter in the gym with me yesterday, she was jumping rope as I was doing a strength routine. While she did not stoop to "worthless," her words were not far off :) .

Hope your training goes as well as it did last year!

Jennie said...

Love your blog, Pam! Your daughter is such an inspiration; all best to Megan with her second ultra!

Training for Gorge Waterfalls 50k-- my first ultra!

Pam said...

Luke- kids are definitely great motivators!

Jennie- Good luck at Gorge Waterfalls! It is a beautiful course.

Steve Speirs said...

Good luck with your training, Pam. Hope things go well post-Rocky Raccoon.

You should try my 100 pushups challenge - great fun for all the family!

Good luck to Megan with her 50K attempt - that's awesome.

Happy miles,